As Hi-Tech as it gets

Currently running both the latest hardware and software with data centres both in South Africa and America. Our server specs are currently the following - CPU ; 3.2GHz Quad-Core Xeon - RAM ; DDR3 1333MHz Raid Level ; Raid 1

This acts as a fail safe to you as our client. With this setup we can guarantee that your business will always be online.

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D We know alot when it comes to everything web. If there is something we do not, we will be happy to find answers and solutions for you.


Web technology, servers, internet to enhance your business needs

Staying up to date with the latest web technology


Remember the days where web technology internet servers where just dial up? We were using computer processes way before the pentium 1. Those days are long gone! Now we have to match up our business strategies and keep up with web technology. 

A great example is having a website that is non responsive. i.e The screen resolution does not fit the sizes of mobile devices when people search the web.

More than 60% of the worlds population access the internet via their mobile devices. This inevitably means that for businesses to reach these users, the websites need to be mobile friendly. Responsive.

This is web technology at work. So, if the software is upgraded so too does the hardware have to be upgraded.

In this very day and age cloud technology has hit us and this is a topic for another time. For now, we understand that for any business to be successful in this technological age a website is no longer a luxury but a need. A must if you will.

A great percentage of businesses will fail if they do not tap into web technology internet. Simply put, not having a website will be to the demise of any business.

When we talk about web technology internet we mean everything involved in having a web presence. Having a website without search engine optimization is like having a computer without memory. It will serve no purpose.

We cover all the bases of having a web presence and using our services will give you peace of mind. We help you succeed using web technology on the internet. Like the term goes, “online”.

The bottom line for any business is the return on investment. We eat ROI for breakfast!

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