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Every business is different and so are their needs. Below are options based on your business needs


Our Hosting Packages



R150/ monthly

Meant for a start up business that simply needs an information website

  • 5GB Space amount
  • Unlimited users
  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security
  • 1 MySQL Databases

Business E-Commerce

R500/ monthly

Meant for E-Commerce websites

  • 50GB Space amount
  • Unlimited users
  • 30GB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security
  • 10 MySQL Databases

Larger Businesses

R700/ monthly

For businesses that will consistently drawing to traffic

  • 80GB Space amount
  • Unlimited users
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security
  • 15 MySQL Databases

Questions and answers

1Why do I need a website?
After careful research it has been proven that most businesses that does not have a presence online will lose a great deal of profits. The internet has evolved in such a way that everyone has a mobile device and searches business services online.
2Why does my business need a social media presence
Social media today is not only being used for advertising but also for customer service, placing orders as well as increasing search engine optimization.
3Why does every business need a blog
We will touch on this much more in time to come but in the mean time you need to know that a blog exists to inform your customers and clients. This also plays an important role in search engine optimization.



Technology is forever evolving and we evolve with it to make sure we give you the business edge you need to succeed online..

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Web Hosting

Cyber Sketch plays a big role in offering startups and small to medium businesses technology via the web. This includes web hosting, web design, search engine optimization, social media management and more.

Web Hosting, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management works together

Without web hosting it will be impossible to have a website exist. Visit our list of services about how web hosting and web design works together here.

There is more to web hosting and web design. It is not as simple as it sounds. The question is how does prospective clients or customers find my website?

This is where search engine optimization comes in. When creating content for your website, the correct keywords for your industry needs to be integrated into your website. This way when people search these specific keywords they will come across your website. More visitors to your website means the greater the chance of gaining more customers.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing challenge. Blogging is the solution to this challenge. With blogging we get to continue growing more and more content. As the saying goes “Content is king“.

Focus on the core of your business while we manage your online presence

We went the extra mile in offering blogging as a service. Blogging is no longer a luxury but a need for a business to succeed in ranking high on google.

We take pride in the fact that we can confidently, professionally and efficiently offer you the best web strategy for your business. To put it in better terms we represent your brand online.

This strategy will include all aspects of web. We have built a strong network of professionals in the web industry.

Welcome to our world!